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Protecting Remote Workers' and Residential Confidential Information

In today’s day and age, especially with stay-at-home orders in-place, more individuals than ever are working remotely from home. The information they have and produce there needs to be protected just as much as those who work from your office. We at Data Guardian have a solution for that problem! We are introducing sealable, 6-gallon bags that can be used to store and return to Data Guardian your residential and home-worker’s confidential information.

Businesses Purchasing Bags for Remote Workers

Step One - Ordering:

Data Guardian Shredding Bag
  • Contact Data Guardian at 877-739-5913 (toll free) or 269-327-8553 (local),, or by shopping in our store.
  • When you order, you will have the option to have Data Guardian ship bags directly to your employee’s homes or to your office for you to distribute (standard delivery fees apply).
  • We will bill you for the bags up-front.

Step Two – Use:

  • Remote employees will be able to deposit the confidential documents they produce while working at home into the bags. The bags are sealable and tamper-proof so they know they will be safe.

Step Three – Pick-up:

  • Once the stay-at-home order is lifted, we can either pick the bags up directly from your employee’s homes or they can bring them in to your office so we can pick them all up from the office. Please note: if you do not currently use Data Guardian for shredding or do not have us on a routine schedule, this will need to be set up on your account.
    • If we are picking them up from employee’s homes, standard route fees apply.
    • If we are picking them up from your office during normal service, no additional fees will apply.

Not a Business?

Are you an individual looking for a drop-off replacement? Order bags to be shipped to your home and picked-up by Data Guardian for a nominal route fee or dropped off at our location at no-charge! (bag must be purchased up-front).

Order Bags

Interested in purchasing bags? Visit our shop for these and more great Data Guardian products.

What Areas Will You Pick Up From?

The map below shows our service area. If you or your employees are located within this service area, we will be able to pick up the filled bags once the stay-at-home order is lifted.

Map of Data Guardian's service area, covering most of lower Michigan and far north Indiana and Ohio

Bag Details

These 6-gallon bags can be easily filled, sealed, and shredded without having to be opened. Their seal is tamper-proof so you have peace-of-mind that your documents are safe. Additional features of the bags are:

  • Made from cultivated older trees which absorb less carbon dioxide and produce less oxygen than younger trees.
  • Adhesives made from 100% biodegradable potato starch.
  • Lightweight and easy to store – perfect for overflow and at-home use.
  • Shredding equipment and recycling friendly, we’ll shred and recycle the whole bag!

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