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Keeping Your Info Secure

What is NAID Certification?

NAID (the National Association for Information Destruction) is the nation's leading information security and destruction organization and its certifications are the industry gold-standard. Data Guardian has both NAID AAA Certification, which is for destruction services, and NAID Custodial Certification, which is for pre-destruction services. Data Guardian is NAID AAA and Custodial Certified in:

  • Document Destruction
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Micro-Media Destruction
  • Non-paper Destruction
  • Scanning & Imaging

What does NAID Certification mean to me?

By being NAID Certified, Data Guardian has met the most stringent industry standards for security and confidentiality. This means your due diligence is done for you by NAID and all Data Guardian clients have the ability to receive emails directly from NAID with information on our certification status. NAID Certification gives you confidence and peace of mind that Data Guardian is fully capable and proven to ensure the highest quality for your information management needs.

What happens with NAID Certification?

By being NAID Certified, Data Guardian is subject to annual planned and random unannounced audits by NAID. These audits encompass following drivers on-the-road and inspecting vehicles at stops, an inspection of the facility and attempts to enter without permission, an audit of company procedures and personnel files, as well as an overall inspection of the destruction facilities. This shows that Data Guardian is fully compliant with all NAID protocols and procedures at all times.

What about your employees?

All Data Guardian employees are fully compliant with NAID hiring practices and meet stringent standards of our own. These include:

  • Drug testing at time of hire and random testing annually
  • Federal, State, and Local criminal background checks at time of hire and every three years
  • Complete employment history verification
  • Driving record checks (for drivers only)
  • Annual training and testing for compliance with NAID policies
  • All employees are covered with Professional Liability Insurance

How does NAID Certification work?

This video, courtesy of NAID, explains the value of NAID Certification in establishing the ongoing compliance and security of data destruction companies.

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